Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake....Or Pie!

At today's reception tables guests are finding culinary surprises and unexpected treats. What has happened to the traditional wedding cake as the star of the evening? It's still there. Still popular and still a beauty to behold. But today's bride has so many other fun options to choose from that can make a reception all her own.

Trends today are showcasing "mini" everything, from bite-sized cheesecakes, tiny pies of all kinds, specialty cookies, cake pops and artistic small  bites that let the guests have a sampling of all kinds of sweet treats. Cupcakes in different flavors are a choice that not only can be displayed beautifully on a cupcake tower, but also are an easy-to-eat portable dessert. For those brides who still want to honor tradition, a smaller wedding cake is used in addition to cupcakes. With this approach the bride and groom can still cut the cake and have that moment caught on camera. Another choice is to present several smaller cakes in different flavors.

Dessert tables are now filled with gorgeous displays of  several types of confections. A feast for the eyes that can be enjoyed throughout the evening and will send the guests home with sweet memories!

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