Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Grand Exit

When a couple is leaving the best night of their life behind and continuing on to the honeymoon, they must be sent off with a fond farewell! Some of the best photographs of the evening are of the couple laughing as they are covered in rose petals, confetti or lavender. Sparklers held by the guests as they line a walkway to the getaway car are enchanting. One newer send-off is the ribbon wand, a dowel with multi-colored ribbons attached to the end which the guests will wave as the couple passes by. Another fun and charming idea is providing the guests with bubbles to blow at the appointed time. Whatever send-off the couple chooses as they exit, it is sure to be another wonderful memory of their wedding.

The 15 best wedding photos of 2012 - a romantic and loving sparkler send offtake ribbons in your wedding colors for guests to wave as bride and groom leave! cute idea, instead of the bubbles or rice!Lavender TossVanishing Wedding Confettirose petalsA nice way to display sparklers for the grand exit.Sea Island Wedding Laura Negri Flower Tosspaper doily confetti cones

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