Monday, January 9, 2012

Holiday Engagements!

If you are one of the newly engaged, congratulations! Now the fun and work of planning your wedding begins!
Take some time to just enjoy the idea of being engaged and sharing the big news with family and friends. After all, this is a new beginning for you and your fiance! Here are some ideas on what to do first when you are ready to begin planning:

1. If you haven't already decided or dreamed of your style of wedding, begin looking at bridal magazines and other sources for ideas. This is the beginning point that will start you on the path to designing your wedding and making other choices. Vintage? Modern? Rustic? Traditional? It is all up to you!

2. Decide with your groom if you are envisioning a small, intimate wedding or a large affair with many friends and relatives. This decision will direct you to a venue that is suitable for your number of guests.

3.  Begin looking at venues that will not only be workable for the size of your wedding, but also is a perfect fit for your style. If you have a color already in mind, remember when you look at venues to notice if the chairs or other decor is going to clash with your colors choices. If you have your heart set on a certain venue that appears to be for only large groups, ask about other rooms they offer and if the larger room can be partitioned for a smaller group. If you have chosen a popular date to marry, many venues will be booked quickly, so this a another reason to decide early in your engagement to book your ideal location. If you are having the wedding at one location and the reception at another, it is best to have the two locations in close proximity to reduce travel time, delays and confusion for your guests.

4. Are you already in "budget mode" ? While inquiring at venues, ask if their rates are lower on Fridays, Sundays or even a day of the week. Many times, if you are flexible, this is a great way to help with your budget!

These suggestions should get you started off on the right path to fulfilling your dream wedding! Just remember to enjoy the journey. And again, congratulations!

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