Friday, September 7, 2012

Playful Paper Cones

One of the simplest and most creative decorative details to use in any type of wedding is the paper cone.
Using paper that coordinates with the wedding colors, cones can be made, filled and used in different ways during the wedding or reception. One fun use is to fill the adorable little cones with rose petals, mini pom-poms or confetti to be showered on the couple as they make their grand exit. At the reception the cones can be filled with treats such as popcorn, candy or small cookies--  portable, easy to carry containers.The dessert-filled cones can also be passed out as favors. Colorful cones can be trimmed with braid or ribbon, filled with greenery or flowers and used as pew markers or in other areas of the celebration.
If the couple enjoys DIY projects, making paper cones is simple and inexpensive.Paper of all colors and patterns can be found at any craft store. Other cones made of metal or branches are also readily available in different sizes to complete any design vision.

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