Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gifts for the Bridesmaids

A bride's attendants are the most special people in her life, chosen to stand beside her at the most important, wonderful day in her life. They may be sisters, cousins, childhood friends or college roommates, but all play a role in the months leading up to the wedding and especially on the wedding day as they honor the bride. How is a bride to thank them? There are many choices in gifts and the bride should take in to account the personalities of her bridesmaids as well as her budget. The gift is given as appreciation and thanks for all the support and love the bridesmaids have shown. Here are just a few ideas: clutches, vintage lockets, earrings, bracelets, photo album and jewelry box.

Clutches for bridesmaids gifts! Fill it with a schedule, thank you notes, lip gloss, disposable camera, and candy to keep the energy up! Cute idea
Vintage Italian Lockets for the bridesmaids?
Tory Burch Logo-Studded Wrap Bracelet, Magenta - Bergdorf Goodman
8"x8"x4" - IN STOCK
Vintage Rose Crystal Twilight #Bridesmaid #Earrings
Rustic Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Clutches with Ivory Fabric Roses, Linen Bridesmaid Purse - Set of 4

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