Friday, May 3, 2013

Macaron Love

One of the prettiest treats featured on a reception dessert table is the macaron. Macarons are a French meringue-based confection that is not only delicious, but also beautiful to behold. The macaron is made in a variety of the softest pastels, comes in many flavors and is often decorated. At weddings today macarons are constructed into towering displays, offered on cake pedestals and packaged to give as favors to the lucky guests to take home and enjoy. Love is sweet!

beautiful french macaron towermacaronspassionfruit macaronsMacaron favourssweetFrench macaronspurple & green❤Pretty MacaronsMacarons - Love the Colorssuch pretty little sweets.“Little Flower” Macarons – Red currant-flavored shells and lychee-violet buttercreamyumminess!mint macarons"Le Cakes" original designs by Le Pop ShopBlush Pink & Gold French MacaronsParis Photography  Macaron Note Cards French by GeorgiannaLanePhotography by Steve Steinhardt /, Event Design by Beth Helmstetter Events / bethhelmstetter.comSnow crystal Macaron Cake---Swarovski---Pearl---Charms.macaron tower - love the soft colors-  Photography by

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