Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flower Girls

Flower Girl Lace PetticoatIn weddings throughout history flower girls have been a part of the ceremony that represents love, beauty and innocence. In classical Greek and Roman times the flower girl would scatter herbs and grains to beckon fertility in a new union. Later, in Victorian times, young girls would be dressed in white and carrying a basket of petals and a floral hoop. The hoop, mimicking the circular wedding ring, symbolized eternal love.
Today the flower girl brings charm and tradition to the wedding. Her dress is a similar design and color to the bridesmaids' dresses and she may wear a hair adornment, such as a flower garland. A basket with rose petals is usually carried down the aisle or a pomander made of the bridal flowers. Some brides will choose to have two or more flower girls or some will forgo this tradition altogether. There is no "right or wrong" choice for having children participate in the wedding. It is a wise decision to have children that are old enough to understand their role in the wedding and are able to walk down the aisle and stand at the alter without distracting from the ceremony. The occasion of a participating in a wedding can be a treasured memory for a young girl and add a sweetness and whimsy to the ceremony.


flower girl

flower girl

love the poofy flower girl dress and huge bow!!!

love the colors

flower girls! love the big bows in the back!Flower Girl.. Cutie

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