Monday, November 18, 2013

Using Birch

There are so many fun ways to incorporate birch into wedding design! Birch makes a rustic arbor, softened with greenery and flowers. Centerpieces are informal and whimsical with birch containers. Small circles of birch are perfect place card holders. Even wedding cakes can be birch-themed with the added touch of "branding" the couple's initials.

birch bark centerpiecesvbirch-bouquet-2.jpg (600×600)lovelydetailsshowcase1birch1.jpg (553×870)birch bark wedding favorsRhode Island Wedding from True Event + Joshua Behan Photography  Read more - Center Wedding in Winnipeg from Rachwal Photography  Read more - Bark Wedding Ideasbirch-wedding-stands1.jpeg (510×350)birch-bark-vases-gladiola-scabiosa-centerpieces.jpg (650×433)Pasadena Wedding from Troy Grover Photographers  Read more -

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  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I am not planning a wedding, but I love to entertain, and your images provide so much inspiration.

    Hope you have a great week!

    - Holly