Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cheese Towers

Tradition says brides must choose a tiered white wedding cake. In recent years this very traditional cake has been joined with cupcakes, cake balls, cake pops, pies and now, the very untraditional cheese tower. The cheese tower can be decorated just as a cake would be with flowers, a cake topper and fruit. For those who do not enjoy sweets it is a welcome new addition to the celebration!

Cheese low res pl credit Andrew Kitchen Photography.jpg (2832×4256)Garden_1.jpg (807×1129)about wedding cakes - The Cheese Shedcheese wedding cake.jpg (530×530)Blog-WeddingCakes-Main2.jpg (660×352)Fanciful FarePremier Wedding Cheese Cakes - Lizzy's cakeCheese+tower+wedding+cake+2.jpg (618×586)Brie cheese (cake) with honey drizzle fig and walnuts.Wedding_Cheese_Tower_6.jpg (450×450)

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