Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wedding Favors

Favors are the perfect way to send guests home with something memorable from the wedding! A favor can be something that represents the region of the country, such as pecans, honey or syrup placed in small containers with a label and tied with a ribbon. The bride or groom might have a favorite family recipe that they would like share with their guests. This might be a jar of homemade jelly, cookies or candies with the recipe attached.
Southern wedding favor
Any guests would appreciate and enjoy a small frame to take home that was in use at the reception as a place holder. Favors should always be decorated with the colors used in the wedding to carry out the style and theme and displayed where guests will be sure to find them! Beautiful or clever favor displays can be another way to showcase the design of the wedding.

  Mini Masterpieces
A Menu and Morsels
Just Nutty
Spicy and Sweet

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