Thursday, February 28, 2013

Choosing The Chairs

When designing the style of the wedding and reception give attention to the style of chair that will be used. The chairs should reflect and complement the overall feel and design of the wedding. If the wedding is more traditional, a perfect choice might be the popular chivari or ballroom chair. This chair is slightly formal and will add an elegance to the event. It now comes in a variety of colors, from the gold, mahogany, white, silver, black to a bold hot pink and lime green! Another traditional choice is the quaint villa chair. It is suited to a more country or vintage styled wedding and would add more charm to a rustic barn wedding, for example.
For an outdoor wedding, the folding garden chair is perfect, usually found in white or natural wood. A variation of the garden chair is the folding bamboo chair, also very appropriate for an outdoor or more casual celebration. The newest chair available to brides is the ghost chair, designed by Philippe Stark. It is a Louis XV style made of  transparent sturdy acrylic and also comes in a variety of colors. This popular chair works well with a modern, contemporary look. For a completely relaxed, informal look, use mismatched chairs. So many chairs, so many exciting design decisions!
Mahogany Villa Chair
Villa Chair 

Chiavari Chair Gold
Chivari Chair

Folding Garden Chair 
Ghost Chair 

Bamboo Folding Chair
Folding Bamboo Chair 

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