Sunday, February 26, 2012

Light Up Your Night

One of the most creative and breathtaking additions to a wedding is often the most overlooked. When planning a wedding, take the time to visit with a lighting company and let them inform you of all the magic they can work at your wedding and reception venues! A lighting specialist can transform the ambiance of a room, highlight certain features of the room and complete the couple's  overall vision of their wedding. Maybe they have chosen to wash the walls in their color palette, use pinspots of light to highlight a floral arrangement, or have their new monogram displayed on the dance floor or wall. In an outdoor wedding, paper lanterns can bring orbs of soft light to the gathering and string lights always add that touch of magic to the night. Most lighting companies can provide chandeliers for both indoor and outdoor weddings in many different styles.Of course, nothing is more romantic than candlelight Whether using a few votives or dozens of candleabras, candlelight gives a warm, inviting glow to any setting.

 To personalize a wedding, create a mood and light up the night, take the time to explore all the exciting possibilities a lighting specialist can offer.

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