Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Proposal

Today's grooms are getting very creative with their proposals of marriage! The proposal is now an event in itself, with family and friends often in on the surprise with a celebration and photos to follow. Grooms-to-be may choose a place that is special to his soon- to-be fiance, such as a sports stadium, a beach or a park. He may choose a new adventure, such as hot air ballooning or snorkeling as an unexpected place to propose. Holidays are often the perfect time to propose, when family is already gathered.  

Customer photo: The future Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald with a Brilliance ring and a hot air balloon! How romantic is that? :)Football proposalI love cute proposalsproposalfavorite wedding proposalsWe at Brilliance are very happy for Jun and Kim! Congratulations on a successful proposal with a Brilliance custom ring, and best of luck on the wedding planning! :)cum-iti-dai-seama-ca-este-pregatit-pentru-casatorie.jpg (2555×2577)cliche holiday proposals5030456_orig.jpg (600×399)marriage proposal.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large.jpg (568×346)

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