Thursday, July 11, 2013

2013 Trends ~ Signature Stations

Signature Stations

One hot trend today in wedding receptions is creating a signature station. This is a table at the reception that offers an extra treat for the guests other than the cake and in some way is a personal touch of the bride and groom. Does the bride have happy childhood memories of milk and cookies after school? Set up a cookies and milk bar with one type of cookie or several. Does the groom always have to have popcorn at the movies? Create a gourmet popcorn table where guests can fill popcorn bags with a variety of flavored popcorn. Maybe the couple enjoys camping trips and making s'mores. What a fun, unexpected dessert that will delight guests as they make and eat their own s'mores! The stations can be available during the reception or saved for a late- night surprise snack.

IMG_8391_p_smRustic & Natural Milk & Cookies Dessert BarLove the milk jars with sprinkles!{Weddings Trends} Milk and Cookies - Belle the Magazine . The Wedding Blog For The Sophisticated BrideAn amazing s’mores station at the Found Rentals opening!!S'mores buffet. Food and beverage wedding ideas.' barSalty & Sweet candy and popcorn bar signage.  Photo by Traina Photography.

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