Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wedding Garland

Garlands can be used in many ways to decorate a wedding ceremony or reception. They can help create a playful, whimsical mood or a more romantic look when placed at the alter, strung across chair backs, hanging from doorways or ceilings or placed along the aisle. Garlands can be made from fresh flowers, perfuming the ceremony or reception. As a DIY project, garlands are easy to assemble using dyed coffee filters, inexpensive silk flowers, pages from old books, origami shapes or colorful tissue paper. What a festive touch to add to the celebration!

Tall centerpieces and a garland-adorned staircase frame the dramatic purple cake.loveprettyCurvaceous CampanulasLoose-Hanging StrandsprettyprettylillyprettyprettyloveloveprettycutecuteThese beautiful garlands can transform your reception and are easily made by dyeing and stringing together inexpensive coffee filters. Keep this project stress-free by dyeing the filters in one day, and then making the pom-poms in small batches in the months leading up to your wedding.So clever and sweet! #wedding #DIY

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