Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wedding Wreath

http://www.mygownatblushingbride.com/images/bout_wreath.jpgWreaths have been a part of wedding ceremonies and customs for centuries. In the 15th and 16th centuries grapevine wreaths were used as wedding decorations in churches and homes. Ancient Chinese brides wore wreaths of orange blossoms in their hair to symbolize purity. Today wreaths can be used in many different ways. Using the chosen wedding flowers, wreaths can decorate church pews, the church or venue doors or be hung by a beautiful ribbon over a dessert table at the reception. Tiny evergreen wreaths can be formed to use as boutonnieres and delicate wreaths can be made for flower girls to wear in their hair.

Yellow Flower Wreath
Plum and Green Wreath with Vines
Hyacinth Wreath Boutonniere


Pink and White Rose Wreath with Cherries
Green Hydrangea Wreath

Square Green Wreaths with Ivory Ribbons

Fluffy White and Green Wedding Wreath
Lemon and Lime Wreath
Square Pink Rose Wreath
Welcome Wreath

Colorful Fall WreathPhotography By / http://mandyphoto.net,Wedding Styling, Design   Production By / http://ginnyau.comPhotography By / http://claryphoto.com,Planning   Coordination By / http://simplyandforever.comCould this Rolls-Royce getaway car be any more glamorous?

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