Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brooch Bouquets

purple #BluePetyl #broochbouquet #bridalbouquetA very unique and unusual idea for the bridal bouquet is the brooch bouquet, a bouquet make not of flowers, but of jewelry. These bouquets can be made of antique brooches or other types of jewelry that hold special meaning to the bride. The wedding colors can be incorporated into the bouquet with colored brooches or gleaming silver or gold can make a stunning statement. A bride can custom order a bouquet using all or some of her own jewelry or let the designer create a detailed bouquet using her chosen color palette. This is a treasured memento from the wedding which can be passed down through the generations!

bouquet of artistic metal flowers - wedding photo by top Orange County, California wedding photographers D. Park Photography

Ivory and champagne brooch wedding bouquet Deposit by annasinclair

Photo courtesy of Studio del Fiore in Portland OR 


This is absolutely stunning!

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