Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What is Vintage, Really?

When a bride decides she wants a "vintage" wedding, what exactly is her vision? When there are weddings called "rustic vintage", "vintage chic" or even "vintage with a modern twist" what does it all mean? Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the definition of vintage is in the mind of the bride. The word vintage recalls the past, with all its sentimentality, timelessness and charm. There are many, many choices to achieve the look and feel a bride desires. The key to making design decisions and putting it all together is for the bride and groom to look to themselves. What are their personalities? Their hobbies and interests? Their histories, both separately and as a couple? By asking the introspective questions, soon creative and fun styling ideas will happen. Does a couple love to travel? Maybe use old suitcases as props throughout the reception, stacked in varying sizes. Use old postcards for the guests to write a message on for the bride and groom as they sign in. Instead of using table numbers, use names of the couple's favorite cities they have visited. Here are just a few of the many vintage items that can make a wedding personal, unique and unforgettable:

old suitcases                                                                
old-fashioned soda straws
old typewriters                                                             
unmatched china
lace table runners                                                          
screen doors (or any old, painted doors)
burlap (table runners, napkins, wrapped around vases, etc.)      
luggage tags      
mason jars (as glasses, vases)                                        
1950s cake toppers
postcards from the past                                                  

1950-60 cameras
old skeleton keys
old bicycles
old books
hand-painted signs
birdcages (birds, nests)

Of course, the wedding gown, cake, florals and favors all are chosen with the vintage look in mind! Search for any items to complete your vision in antique shops, Etsy or even estate sales.

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