Monday, August 22, 2011

Helpful Budget Tips

  It seems these days everyone is talking, thinking and worrying about the economy! And you may be the bride who is talking, thinking and worrying about your budget and how to fit in everything that is your heart's desire.

  Let's face it- weddings are expensive and it can come as quite a shock when planning out your budget with the groom and parents. With that reality in mind, here are a few ideas to trim your budget without trimming the fun and fantasy!

Look for Packages
  •  packages can save you money by combining services, such as a lighting company that also does draping or DJ services
  • a venue may offer catering, cake, flowers, etc. in one package which can be a great savings
  •  choose a Friday or Sunday for your big day, Saturdays are more expensive

Cake Choices 
    •  there are other options when it comes to the wedding cake... cupcakes are less expensive and so popular now... why not have a small wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut and then serve elaborately decorated cupcakes?
    • or serve the cupcakes instead of the groom's cake...some bakeries offer a free groom's cake when you order the wedding cake
    • one creative bride I know served chocolate chip cookies and milk instead of the groom's cake (her groom's favorite dessert!)
    • talk to your florist about using in season flowers, such as cherry blossoms in the early spring
    • ask about which flowers can give you the look you want without the price tag, such as using roses instead of peonies, or just using a few of the more expensive flowers mixed with the less pricey
    • greenery mixed with the florals can also give the same look while saving on the more expensive blooms
    • using bigger flowers, such as hydrangeas or dahlias, means you can use less of them while having a big impact
    The Dress
    • check out sample may be able to find the perfect dress for a fraction of the cost.

    •  think about all the great "finds" at estate sales and antique mother and daughter scoured both for months before the weddings and gathered beautiful candlesticks and candelabras for each table, very unique... nothing is better than candlelight!

      The Wedding Planner 

      • What? A wedding planner can save you money? YES!!! Your wedding planner has relationships with the best vendors in your area and can help your budget by knowing which vendors offer specials, discounts, etc. Everyone has trouble staying on a budget, but that is just what a good planner will do for you--keep you on track and keep everyone a little happier!

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